Ecstatic Dance Heaven~*

Darlings of The Omniverse & Beyond – Over this past month, two of the heartiest members of our Ecstatic Dance Oakland Tribe have transitioned. As we all know, our “take” on death as Abers, is quite a bit different from most of the planets. My Knowing Feeling that they are still within “shouting range,” has made it quite easy for me to frolic and play with them. Also, the fact that we were only friends on the dance floor, where there is no talking, left us free to roam around the halls of our imaginations, resistance free, when it came to our relationships. So, when they transitioned, although it was a bit off-putting; they are both beyond healthy and in their 40s (I know I know, flawed premises! But hey, I’m only human), I wasn’t nearly as devastated as their close friends. Watching them having all this pain, made me want to shout out – “NO, it’s cool. They’re having a ball! I know they are, they told me so!” Jesus, Mary and Joseph, get that girl a straight jacket!

But that’s the beauty of having all of you in my life! I can share this delicious experience of communing with these non-physical fellows. We are ALL, capable of having this type of loving communication and, the bestest part, it’s really fun and super expansive! I’ve had Christopher blowing on my arms and neck while stretching before dance; and when I raised my head with a smile on my face, thinking I would be looking into the eyes of a friend, there wasn’t another human anywhere near me. Head back down, and he’s back at it again, and again. What a fun time we had.

And then, yesterday, while at dance, I found out that Brian transitioned, swept out to sea and into the Loving Arms of Source. What a perfect place to receive news of that nature, surrounded by 300 people, all rolling around in their Vortices to incredible music. In other words, Alignment at it’s very best! So, when Brian showed up, it wasn’t surprising, it was so darn comforting and, I knew immediately that I had to recite Alfred Lord Tennyson’s, “Crossing The Bar,” after the dance, as there was going to be a share about his life. Tennyson was a man of the sea and he wrote that poem as his eulogy; it felt so right. But then, human mind stepped in and said, “What? You CRAZY?” So, I went back and forth for a bit, until, I really had no choice in the matter. The Grander part of me, and the whole of Brian ganged up on me, what’s a girl to do? Like when Abe says, “You just can’t NOT do it? Wild horses, and all that?” Yea, it was like that. And, I already had my coat on and was about to head out the door!

Then, this morning, egged on once again by my non-physical brethren, I was super inspired to write a little something for our dancing community – a dialogue between God and Brian; in the hopes that those who were inspired to read it, might feel some relief in their grief. Again, I dithered, and again, I was forced to get my computer and without further hesitation, type out the following. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did Co-Creating it with Brian, Christopher and of course, that Bard of All that is, All that ever was, and All that ever will be, SOURCE~* with infinite love…………..Alchemist~*

Brian Baker: You rang?
God: Yes, sorry about the short notice, but I really need your help; and, truth be told, your the only man for the job!
Brian: OK, sounds interesting….
God: Well, I finally have a consensus on the next logical step of Universal Evolution, and it involves dance.
Brian: Now, you’ve got my attention.
God: Here’s the story, you know the maxim: As Above So Below?
Brian: Yes..
God: Well, there’s an older version, something the Great, Egyptian, God Osiris penned – “As the Houses of Earth fill with dancing and song, so filled are the Houses of Heaven.”
Brian: Oh, I like that one.
God: And well you should. You see there is a common misconception among humans that you guys are behind the Heavens; perpetually locked in a game of catch-up. When, in fact, the opposite is true – you delightful humans are the energetic catalysts of what we call the Leading-Most-Edge of Creation in the Universe. And, it is in this capacity that your talents, your gifts, and your creative genius are so perfect for the next job I have in mind for you.
Brian: Is it going to be fun?
God: Yes.
Brian: Will I make a difference in people’s lives?
God: Naturally – that’s what you do, it’s who you are; a teacher, a lover, a friend and mentor.
Brian: Can I make my own rules?
God: There are no rules, you can create in any way that moves you.
Brian: O.K., I’m in. What’s the job?
God: We DESPERATELY need an Ecstatic Dance Heaven.
Brian: (Laughing) You’re serious?
God: Absolutely. It all sounds so absurd doesn’t it? I mean it’s supposed to be all about ecstasy up here, but you guys, well……you’ve figured something out. You have a formula that needs someone of your stature to recreate. There is an Alchemy to the Ecstatic Dance you practice and to all that frolic and play with you. We would like you to bring that practice here; to start building a playground of such fecundity, such immensity and love, that there is no transition between this world and your human world. That we mesh together, we flow, we trip and fly together, between the veils, seamlessly.
Brian: WOW! When can I start?
God: Right now. As a matter of fact, there are a few people who have also offered their assistance, the first being a fellow charmer and lover of dance, Christopher Ball.
Christopher magically appears, smiling.
Brian: (laughing and hugging Christopher) Man!!! Can you believe it? We get to host the heavenly hosts? Talk about the inmates running the asylum? How fun is this going to be? God, get ready…….You’re in for one helluva party!
God: That’s exactly what we are counting on! Oh, and one more thing, you two are going to have to give us some lessons on the Contact Improv thing. We’re a bit rusty on that one up here.
Brian and Christopher: (In unison) – No problem.

Then, looking at each other and laughing, our two delightful friends, dance partners, fellow lovers of life and song, stroll arm in arm; Brian stopping long enough to bend down and grab his didgeridoo, toward their latest co-creation – Ecstatic Dance Heaven.
Where, you and I, upon our Transition, or whenever we hold them in our hearts, will be able to meet up with all of our dearest friends. A space filled with love, laughter, music, and attention to all things good and sweet. In other words, HOME~*


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