I love you, three words that harness immense power. While saying or hearing someone say, “I love you,” is far from banal, there is a way to release more of the energy that creates worlds; simply by turning the pronouncement of love into an action, a flow; rather than a passive reflection of a feeling. How about, I LOVE, LOVING YOU! Or, the equally heady, I LOVE BEING LOVED BY YOU!

What was initially an expression without movement, has become fluid. We have breathed life into our love; and now, with this quantum upgrade, our Love is alive, ready for a fuller expression of itself.


One comment on “I LOVE, LOVING YOU!”
  1. Nancy Kreusser says:

    Hi Darling,
    I am so glad there is a format for you to share your thoughts. You are so funny and filled with passion, not to mention you are a beautiful writer.
    Sending my love to you from the east coast.

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