Alignment, A State of Grace…~*

For you Creator…

horse coming through fog

Miriam Sweeney,

In The State of Grace known as Alignment, we move into a quantum state of beingness, breaking through the fog of disconnection and into the light of All That Is, All That Ever Was, and Will Ever Become…~*

“The Unified Field is a state where you feel connected to the entire universe — where you no longer feel separate from other people, but you feel that all people are part of one another and can share a global consciousness. You feel connected to the earth, the air you breathe, the animals and plants and “things,” as well as the intangibles, such as spirituality and time. You no longer experience time as just a linear thing chugging ever forward, but you know there are pieces of yourself in history as well as in the future, all over the world. You stop worrying about not having enough time, because you know that time is malleable, and you don’t have to accept the stopwatch mentality driving most of the world. You trust that you are already in the right place at the right time and that you will continue to grow toward the life you are meant to have.”

“The Remembering Process,” by Joe Vitale and Daniel Barrett

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