Creator, Time To Let That Shit Go…~*

chill out homies
Creator, I had a delicious thought I wanted to share with you. A few days ago a lovely man I know posted a tribute to his and his wife’s relationship. It began by praising their ability to love each other, to communicate effectively, etc. And then, dum de dum dum, it nose dived by adding a whole section that began with “despite our horrible childhood experiences, etc.” haha!
Only Abers would find this type of detour from great to awful amusing! Right? Damn I love us, but I digress!
Rather than go deep into the wobble, I chose to stop reading and bask in the first paragraph of praise and love. I left it there, that is until I saw this charming man and his equally lovely wife the other evening.
When I saw them and remembered the post, it hit me!! Bamn! It’s not “We’re doing well DESPITE our despicable childhood experience!” No No No, that’s all wrong! Rather, it is BECAUSE OF OUR CRAZY ASS UPBRINGING that we are Doing Well. We’re Thriving BECAUSE our childhood mostly sucked! It’s Thanks to our parent’s f’d up way of parenting that we created more Rockets of Desire to burst forth. It’s The Gift of NOT BEING GOTTEN, that has given us a Vortex brimming with our Dreams and Desires. It’s The Benefit of trying to squeeze our Eternal, Expansive Selves into Society’s square hole, that steered us right into the Loving Arms and Wisdom of The Teachings of Abe and Our Inner Beings! And really, is not that THE Greatest Gift of All?
So thank you Parents! Thank You Nuns! Thank you Rules and Regulations. Thank You boarding school! Thank you overbearing, boring, tedious teachers and school systems. Thank you less than stellar boyfriends. Thank you Friendships that didn’t end well. Jobs that were lifeless. Conversations that were banal. Lovers that didn’t Love. Sex that down right sucked! Overbearing bosses! Pets that died! Parents that died! Friends that died! Because you know what? All of it! All of it! All of it, was the grand catalyst for my exponential Asking, Expansion, and Growth.
It feels good to Appreciate broadly! To Allow fully. To Know completely that all of it is groovy cool! Never look back! No regrets! No blame! No shame! No victims, only Victors! Yup, that’s how we roll here, on This, THE MOST RIGHTEOUS LEADING-FUCKING-EDGE OF THOUGHT IN THE WHOLE DARN UNIVERSE! Over and out…😎~*


2 comments on “Creator, Time To Let That Shit Go…~*”
  1. vince1950 says:

    good one Constance !

  2. vince1950 says:

    good one Constance!!!!

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