Change Your Perspective Creator, and You Change Your World…

Change your perspective and you change your world

Hey Creator, how’s about today you change things up? You take a different route to work. You order a different drink at Starbucks. You go outside and do a Downward Facing Dog and look back through your hands at the world upside down (and if you’re at the beach, even better. Watch the waves roll across the sky!! Haha). You order new food at a restaurant. You smile at everyone you see. You listen to a new genre of music. You stop focusing on what’s not working and start appreciating what is. You climb a tree. In short, you bust your routine into a million tiny pieces.

Did you know that Each Now Moment holds the potentiality for change? And the reason we don’t see our lives changing, is because of holding fast to our limited perspectives and beliefs?

So flip it up, roll the dice, put a skip in your step, look up and instead of down, or down instead of up! Take a flyer, a chance. After all, what do you have to lose but the limited beliefs and perspectives that are keeping you from fully experiencing the Quantum Quality of Your Life!

Your Bomb Ass Life is waiting for you Creator. What are YOU waiting for…😎~*

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