Mining and Milking The Moment…

Mining for something...

Creator, how’s about today you put on your Miner 49er Head Lamp, grab an energetic pickaxe and mine each moment you can, down to its core. Search into your Feelings for the Dynamic Juice that makes this moment, this vista, this person, this thought your entertaining, so bloody brilliant. With Your Universal Mind, Your Mind of God, seek out the Vein of Beauty that exists in the Quantum Strata beneath each Eternal Now Moment that is always available, and willing to bestow her numerous gifts upon you!

We have THE KEYS TO THE KINGDOM My Darlings and it resides in our ability to Focus, Appreciate, and Imagine. It’s The Grand Triad, The Eternal Triptych of Super Powers. And all we need do to activate this Majestic, Energetic Trio is make a habit out of finding, relishing, and savoring the best out of each moment. That’s it. It’s easy, simple, and it’s FREE!

I’m off now to Mine my world, both seen and unseen, for her Numerous Treasures, her Bounty of Riches. I’ll look for you Dear Friend, out beyond the mundane, the rote, the status quo! And when we meet, our Joy, Our Light, our Very Presence will amplify and light up the heavens and beyond. Of this I am sure. Tally ho…😎~*

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