The Resilient Power of a Yoga Body

What defines us is not how we fall

I’m in the midst of packing up my home of 12 years for an out of country move. There’s stuff everywhere, which is fun for me (Ms. Neat and Tidy) to give up control of the uncontrollable, whilst in this juicy transition.

Yesterday, while fetching my trusty “Dirt Devil” and winding my way through all manner of detritus, my foot got tangled in an extension cord that had been left on the floor (by me haha days earlier!). Unable to stop my trajectory forward, I went ass over tit, down, onto the kitchen floor! Bamn.

The noise and my loudly proclaimed verbal reaction of “Fuck” after slamming into the floor, brought my daughter and boyfriend running. The result, I gave myself some righteous bumps and bruises on my wrist, forearms, left hip and shin; only worthy of some ice bags, Aleve, and a meditation to calm my central nervous system.

This morning I awoke and sprung out of bed. Did my daily meditation practice and rolled out my mat to practice the art of yoga, Brian Kest Style. Here’s the cool thing I want to report, I don’t hurt at all! Not anywhere. No pulled muscles, torn ligaments or battered bones! Other than the colorful remnants of the mishap that dot my body like medals of honor, I’m 100% perfectly perfect.

My body, mind, breath and I flowed through the practice with ease and equanimity. And then it dawned on me, as though a distant memory, “I got the shit kicked out of me yesterday and today, I feel like a $1,000,000 bucks!! Haha!

The Practice of Yoga is most certainly, without a shadow of a doubt to this gal anyway, the gift that keeps on giving!! Yay for us. Yay for our strength, our resiliency, our ability to bend and not break, to loose ourselves in the practice of meditation. To live, walk, stumble, fall, pick ourselves up, laugh at ourselves, and do it all over again!

Sending big love your way as only those of us who are in tune with our bodies and equanimous nature, can appreciate a story that might seem bad to some, but to us it’s a cause for celebration. Hey Bryan Kest, isn’t it you who says, and I’m paraphrasing… Anyone can fall, but can you fall calmly?”

My answer? Hell to the yes I can! Namaste My Homies…šŸ˜Ž~*

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