No One Else Knows Your Reason For Being…

No one else knows you reason for being...

Now Hear This Creator… No one; not your mama, nor your daddy, nor your best friend, priest, coach, PTA, Imam, teachers, society, politicians, co-workers, neighbors, kids, not even your lover, Know what your Bliss is. So unless you allow yourself to dream, allow your imagination to take flight; you, my dear, darling friend, will be looking for love and guidance in all da wrong places mon!!

Release yourself from other people’s opinions and find your own True North! Open up that engine of Inspired Knowing and get about the business of crafting a life that is uniquely your own. No one else can do it for you.

It’s akin to climbing a mountain, take one joyous step at a time and don’t think about the summit, cause there isn’t one! You Eternal Reacher For More You! Make the Joyous Journey your ultimate pay off. Oh, and whatever you do, don’t look down! We Gods live in the lofty heights of the heavens, and looking down or back only gives us vertigo.

Forward, ever forward Creator, One Inspired Step, Skip, Sexy Saunter, and Sashay at a time! Now grab those crampons and let’s start climbing, shall we?…😎~*

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