Walk In The Consciousness of Already Having It…

You don't have to pull strings to get what you want...

This quote reminds me of one of my father Clyde’s favorite aphorisms, “Walk in like you own the place kid, and no one will ever stop you.”

I’ve used it to get myself into some of the swankiest parties, sans an invitation, in my bold late teens/early 20’s period; On board various yachts; Into beautiful hotels worldwide with the expressed purpose of finding and using their loo; Into the Dean’s Office of a world class University to talk with the Dean (he overheard me talking to his secretary, came out and invited me in. After a lovely chat, he admitted me to U of Michigan, after the admission date had passed and without trans scripts, no kidding!); To running Harvard University’s Commercial Real Estate Portfolio without either an undergraduate or graduate degree (unheard of at the time, I was A First!!). And those examples aren’t even the half of it, no kidding!

I am bold and brash in my Knowing and Expectation and always have been, but now, now with The Teachings of Abraham, I realize it’s not just my moxie alone that opens doors and makes miracles happen, it’s the consistent and true help of my Wing Man (My Inner Being), My Emotional Guidance System’s unwavering steadfastness of keeping me turned toward my Eternal Heading of True North; and My understanding the nuances and machinations of The Law of Attraction and using them to my advantage.

I’ve got a leg up, an inside line to Knowing and so now, what I know for triple darn sure is, Source wants me to succeed, to have fun, to have my myriad of manifestations along with the kooky krazy stories of their fruition, to accompany them. Source is my cheerleader, my Homie, my badd ass side kick who quietly stands by, holding the course, tickling my solar plexus, conveying to me exactly when to hold ’em or fold ’em.

Given what we Now Know Creator, the old adages are no longer appropriate or germane. Rather, it’s our purposeful stride toward the sun, the next logical step, dreaming the unencumbered dream, opening fully to receive and allow, that are our “Now Mantras.”

So Darlings, on this fine day and all the days to follow, might I suggest you embody your Knowing fully, hold you head high, look ’em right in the eye when you make your move, and never ever shy away from your grander purpose and dreams. Walk this earth like The God you are and your path will be littered with assistance and interesting interactions.

We; You, Source and I, are The Game Designers. We Know The Codes because We Created Them! You are a God having a righteous, human experience, all while increasing the boundaries of this Boundaryless Universe in the process! Puff up your chest and your Knowing and let it rip. After all, where’s the fun in holding back? Of feeling less than? Of settling for less? Exactly.

I’m off now, let’s rendez-vous again soon shall we? I so love our talks. Sharing my Knowing with you gives me more insight and a deeper understanding into my own life! I so love how it all works. All for one and one for all my Homies…😎~*

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