All You Ever Wanted To Know About Grid Building – And Then Some!

Greetings Denizens of the hippest planet in the Universe! How’s your day unfolding in this raging, fomenting time/space reality known as The Leading Edge of Thought? Are you poised for another opportunity to co-create together and blow the roof off? Are you ready to join the party that you have orchestrated, right down to the napkin placement, and floral arrangements? Are you prepared to drop whatever is keeping You from YOU; and strut, jump, skip down to The Hall of Mirrors where music, merriment, libations, sexy guests, and gastronomic delights abound? What’s that you say? It all seems a bit – over the top? Well, hell yes, it’s over the top – its your party for crying out loud! It’s the one you have been planning since early childhood – see the cupcakes in the corner with the jelly beaned, festooned icing? You had that thrown into your Vortex when you were 4! The Specifics of all and I mean ALL of your desires, resides in your swirling, twirling, Vortex of Creation – ready to manifest; right here, right now. You – Dear, Delicious One, need only give up the anchor and rode that have been holding you firmly in place, and allow yourself the ride of a lifetime; into your Knowing, into your Becoming, into the Broader Beingness That is YOU, YOU, YOU – Quantum YOU!

So, what is the catalyst that instigated my writing to you today? What is the source of the vibrational wallop that struck me like a 2×4? It was one seemingly innocuous sentence that Abe uttered on three separate occasions, while on The Alaskan Cruise. And, it goes like this, “YOU HAVE BARELY SCRATCHED THE SURFACE!” Let’s take it a moment to let it sink in….. “YOU HAVE BARELY SCRATCHED THE SURFACE!” Are you having near the same visceral response I had when I first heard Esther speak these words? “YOU HAVE BARELY SCRATCHED THE SURFACE?” Good Gods Man, really? Barely? Hardly? Scarcely? Scantily? Just? Scratched the surface? 

Much of what Abraham was attempting to drum into us, on-board The Good Ship Westerdam, was the notion that our time is Now, Now, Now. They were much less patient with “the what isn’t working questions” (and to be fair – this group really wasn’t focused there; it was truly a group of folks on The Leading Edge of The Leading Edge!). But when one of us managed to get into the chair and had a question that was well, banal, Abraham would take a few steps toward the questioner, move the microphone out of the way, and usher them out of the chair! No kidding!

So, why are we not doing that to ourselves? Shouldn’t we be putting the same code of conduct and query on ourselves? Isn’t the answer always the same – get into the Vortex, and then? And, isn’t the remedy for anything that ails us, to FOCUS on something that doesn’t ail us, something that soothes or uplifts? Yes, it’s all about Focus! Focused Intent! Focused Creativity! Focused Thought, Word and Deed! 

I disembarked from that ship with a self-imposed imperative! I will do whatever it takes to move myself into a place of pure, positive thought! I will take this brilliant mind of mine and focus on what serves me, not what doesn’t! I will have no truck with the niggling thoughts that undermine my Godliness and manifestations of good feelings – period! I call it being on a Focused Jihad – but I have changed up the definition of Jihad to suit my purpose – rather than a holy war – it is a Holy Focusing – a tribute to the larger part of me, through my intention to cull out what doesn’t serve and plant the seeds of what does! 

How exactly does one achieve and maintain this new, higher standard of living? Abraham suggested that a good rule of thumb would be to spend 80% of our time in the Vortex, 20% out. Sounds good to me. How do we make that happen? Again, Abraham proffered that we meditate for 15 minutes a day (preferably in the morning – to set your vibrational stance for the day); and secondly, that we intentionally create Grids, for whatever it is that we desire.

As far as the mediation goes, I would suggest you purchase “Getting into the Vortex, Guided Meditation CD and User Guide,” by Abraham-Hicks. It makes the entire process sweet and easy, as there are 4 designated meditations set up for you, of 15 minutes a piece. And it’s Abe for Christmas sake, soothing you into a place of pure bliss. 

Onto the second part – Grid Building, which is going to require more participation from you than quieting your mind. Let’s break it down, shall we? First, who are the players in this process? There are 4 key components: The Grid, The Vortex, the Law of Attraction, and finally – You. How do all of these players interact in the construction of a Grid? Let’s take a step back for a moment to answer that question – Prior to coming forth into these physical bodies, we set a series of Intentions/Grids that were general in nature; i.e., a Grid of Well-Being; a Grid of Upliftment; a Grid of Love, etc. These Grids are still in place and will remain so, as they serve as our Vibrational Foundation, our human jumping off point. Immediately upon birth, we set about living lives of contrast; sifting, sorting, and identifying that which makes us feel good and, that which doesn’t. The results of those contrasting moments, and their ensuant desires, now reside in our Vortex. 

The Vortex is the keeper of all that we desire, all that we have Become and, it is very, very Focused and Specific; a direct correlation to our focused, responsive desires to contrast. Human Beings are uber focused creatures; contrary to our Broader Aspect, which operates from the realm of generality. It is only natural that anything we put our mind too; i.e., focus upon, will bring about a focused result. Like our Broader Aspect, The Grid is General and Feeling driven; i.e., well-being, love, ease, kindness, abundance, etc. Conversely, The Vortex is a holding place, filled with specifics. 

And now we come to the role of our Universal Manager, aka, The Law of Attraction. LOA takes the specifics from your Vortex and fills in your Grid. Think of it like this – The Grid is the soil in our Field of Dreams, tilled and ready for planting. The Vortex is the warehouse that stores the seeds (your hopes, dreams, desires, aspirations); and The Law of Attraction is the farmer that plants the seeds. 

And finally, what is our part in all of this? That can be summed up with one word – Alignment! Alignment with our Broader Aspect, our Broader Becoming, our Broader Purpose. Sound too easy? Sound lazy? Well, that would only be your reaction if you hadn’t practiced Focused Thought. Focused Thought is not easy – Focused Thought is a Practice, period. You don’t do it once and have it down; it requires tenacity, fortitude, genius, and alignment, all while working within the boundaries of the highest standards you have ever placed on yourself. It is not for the rank and file – only the highest decorated among us, need apply. And who would that be? I’ll tell you, You and every other member of the human race on the planet. Everyone around you, everyone, everyone, everyone on this planet is a God – their choice is to know it or not. Their choice is to embrace it or not. Their choice is to acknowledge it or not. We all came forth with the same plan; firm in the Knowing of who and what we are – Source playing on the furthermost, leading edge of creativity and thought!! Sound groovy and oh, so sexy? That’s because it is! And, it is in this crucial piece of understanding, that we become free; free to work on ourselves and only ourselves, and to leave the driving, coercing, cajoling of those of us who “don’t get it,” to the individual. Really – all you have to do is think about YOUR evolution and journey into the understanding and knowing that you feel today, in order to come to the same realization. You’re ready, when you’re ready, period. And, we all want to be the instigator of our own Understanding and Ah-Ha moments. Why? Because then it sticks. Why? Because then it feels like the next logical step. Why, because that’s the only way in which it works, really works. 

So now, how about we get down to the nitty-gritty of creating a Resistance Free Grid. Oops, that brings up another subject; are there Grids of Resistance? Yes, Grids are intoned and created by vibration; when you offer a negative vibration, you set up a negative Grid. However, there is always a ‘get out of cheesy Grid card,” available to us. You can create a positive feeling Grid to supersede the negative Grid. Remember, the highest vibration always trumps the lower vibration, it is law! There is also the possibility that you might introduce lack into your Grid building, purely because it resides at the other end of the stick from your desire. What we want to do is to streamline your Grid building, to ask only those questions of ourselves, that offer the cleanest vibration/answer on which to build our Grid. 

Let’s get down to it, shall we?

The Process to Successful, Resistance-Free Grid Building has 3 Steps:

1. What Do I Want? 

2. Why Do I Want It? And, 
3. How will it feel when I get it? 

Let’s use a Grid of Financial Abundance as an example:

1. What do I want?

I Want Financial Abundance.

2. Why do I want it?

Because it will feel really good and bring me relief.

3. How will it feel when I get it?

I can feel the relief coursing through my body, the ease, the flow, the relaxation, the soothing thoughts and vibrations that accompany those feelings; warmth, openness, expansiveness, elation, exuberance, excitement, well-being, hopefulness, and joy. I can feel myself aligned with all those things that reside within my Vortex. I can feel them reaching out to me and I to them. I can feel the nexus point; wherein I am aligned with all that I have Become and am Becoming. The feeling is pure pleasure, pure lightness of being, pure creative genius. I am aligned, I am Creator, I am a Genius Focuser. I now know what I have to do to manifest good feelings, good thoughts, and groovy manifestations around my desires. It is not complicated, it is as natural as breathing – I just need to focus and then, my feelings take over. They caress me, they buoy me, they express themselves through me and I am invincible, I am un-deterred, I am mighty, I am Divine, I am one with all that I have Become. No wonder we weren’t scared to come to this planet. No wonder we KNEW from our Broadest Becoming, right down to the tips of our toes, that we would remember the way Home one day. And, that that road would be lit with beacons of illumination, with a chorus of beautiful music, with laughter and antics, as far as the heart can feel. I get it, that’s why I’m alive, to live a life of my choice! It is done – my Grid is now intoned with all of the grandest feelings I can generate on this subject.

You will note that I spent quite a bit of time describing how I will feel when my Grid fills in. This next bit of info is crucial – so please take note:

In order to establish a solid foundation/grid; i.e., a more vivid point of attraction, you need to hold the 3rd step, for a minimum of 17 seconds. This 17 seconds of pure, positive, focused thought, will summon another thought of equal, vibrational quality and composition. This magnetism (LOA) will cause them to mate; thereby, creating a more potent construction to my vibration of thought. Then, remaining focused on this new and improved higher, vibrational thought/feeling for an additional 17 seconds, will call in another feeling/thought of equal girth and vibrational intensity. They converge, upping the vibrational and tonal ante again – more power, more velocity, more, more, more. I continue on this path for a total of 68 seconds (or 4 segments of 17 seconds strung together) et voila – I have created a Grid/Point of Attraction that is secure, stable, deep, and resonant. This Grid acts as a beacon to the Universal Manager, The Law Of Attraction which immediately sets out to fill in the grid with manifestations.

There you have it folks, through our 3 Step Process, we have successfully stepped around the land mines of how, what, where, who, and when; any one of which can cause a negative tremor to the force of our Grid! Instead, we are emitting a Pure Vibrational Offering, which can only be matched by a vibration of commensurate tonal quality. And now, the only action that need be taken, is Alignment, IOW, to remain in the Vortex for extended periods of time. The only thing you need do from this moment forward, is to Purely Focus on that which pleases you, that which delights you, that which titillates and tantalizes you! Period. THAT is the action. Shall we call it Allowed Action? Because not doing is taking action too! You are allowing Law of Attraction to fill in your Grid, using the specifics of your Vortex. And, the results will take your breath away, I promise. 

I am off now – to frolic with quasars, to create with other geniuses, to show myself just how high I can go! I know I’ll see you there, traipsing about the heavens, dancing among the stars, and laughing till the cows come home! And, to think, We Have Barely Scratched The Surface……………..

Alchemist ~*


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