Walking Among Your Dreams~*


we are walking among our answered prayers

Creator, what if I were to tell you that all your desires have already manifested? You might ask, “Then how come I can’t see them, lick them, touch them, smell them?” Ah, good question. Because they are in your Vibrational Reality being loved up by Source waiting for you to Allow them into your life.

You see this wee game of what seems to be, hide and seek, is designed specifically to respond to your ability to Receive, all that you have Dreamed. That’s right, The Universe can only give you what you will Allow to be shown to you.

Think of your Allowing like a screen that projects images. Most of us are walking around only getting a sliver of what we dreamed, kind of like Receiving your cell phone’s screen worth of goods and services. While others of us are so open and Allowing, that we are like the drive in movie screen version of Allowing – big, bold and in 3D.

In order to Receive, Fully Receive, then Alignment must be your highest priority. And how does one do that? Easy, you do what you love doing. You follow your passions, you imagine, you play, you laugh, sing, dance whatever it is that makes your heart soar.

Whereupon you might ask, “Must I give attention to what I desire in order for it to manifest?” Our answer… Only if you can do that without resistance.

Listen, it might sound crazy, but even your most minute asking, a thought that came and went in a nanosecond, has been logged in, secured, and is waiting in a queue to be unleashed into your life’s experience. The Universe has a prodigious memory where your desires are concerned; so no, you don’t have to be specific unless it feels good. Otherwise, just go about your business of alignment by following the paths of least resistance that are popping up all around you. And then, Prepare Yourself Creator for The Universe To Rain Down Upon You, all that you have ever wanted and dreamed.

I’m not kidding, it’s that easy and fun. Remember Divine Human, you can’t help but walk among your dreams, now the fun part is Realizing them FULLY AND COMPLETELY.

Tag, you’re it~*

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