The Thing That Is Holding You Back, Is ALWAYS In Your Head! Every Time, No Exceptions…~*

donkey and chair

I would update this caption to read: The Thing That Is Holding You Back, Is ALWAYS In Your Head! Every time, no exceptions, ba dum bumm!

How about it Creator, do you get this? All those stories we tell ourselves about why we can’t be, do, or have something/anything are FICTION, Made up, Negative Blah-Blah, that we continue to spin around in our heads. Time to change it up, that is if you are done with self-imposed limitations.

So how does one change a habit of thought? Simple, start a new habit of thought. Make it easy though, no big leaps. Abe tells us that it is impossible to completely change around a lifetime’s habits of thoughts/vibrations in an instant. But “little steps for little feet,” as my Grandma Alice would say, is just the right formula.

Try this:

I can’t, can be turned into:

-well you know, there were other people that were where I am, that have changed their lives around, why not me?
-just because it hasn’t been done before, doesn’t mean it can’t be done.
-i know I’m feeling this way now, but I also know I can feel differently.

Get it? Slow and steady Creator, just like the turtle. It’s not a race, it’s a Feeling. And one step closer to the emotions of Hope and Beyond, can feel really, really good.

You might not be able to change everything around in this red, hot minute (love the Abe-isms), but you sure as shootin’ can GET ON IT TODAY. And then… just you wait, that one step will create a new point of vibration, and things will start to appear brighter, more interesting, more available to you. It is LAW!

So next time Mr/Ms Grumpy, uniformed, tedious, banal, complaining, self-destructive comes for dinner, politely shut the door in his/her face, turn toward the mirror and give yourself a big smile.

Remember, it’s all in your head; and those dreams that are waiting to be born, need a seat at the table. You must dis-invite the ones that no longer serve you, and invite the interesting, sexy, uplifting, creative, informed, witty and wise ones that are waiting at the back door.



4 comments on “The Thing That Is Holding You Back, Is ALWAYS In Your Head! Every Time, No Exceptions…~*”
  1. says:

    BRILLIANT!!!!!!! Just what I needed to hear in this red hot minute 🙂 thank you Constance

    1. Constance says:

      My pleasure VF. If one bullseye is hit, as it was with you. Well then, I am complete…:-)

  2. Steve Lakey says:

    Love this article! It’s the style that grabs the attention, and the content that holds it. 😀

    1. Constance says:

      Thanks for the kind words Steve, and the head’s up on publishing without a title. LOL. I was so psyched to get it “out there” that that step was missed~*

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