Responding vs. Reacting; A Leading-Edge Switch Up of An Outdated Habit…~*

Universal Mind

Creator, I read just something amazing and informative and of course, had to share immediately. This Teaching is from Osho’s book, “Tarot in The Spirit of Zen, The Game of Life.” I “randomly” opened to the page that had the plu-perfect answer to a question that I have been having about REACTING! I have been wanting to practice and inculcate a positive response, rather than a negative, knee jerk reaction to certain situations; which invariably hauls me out of my Vortex, leaving me panting on the side or the road, wondering, “How the hell did it get here?” LOL.

Osho begins by speaking of the beauty of the word RESPONSIBILITY and how it has been overwritten by society/religion/dogma into an equivalent of the word duty. For our purposes, we will define Duty as something one reluctantly undertakes; i.e., duty to one’s parents, society, employer, family, etc., but here is Osho’s leading-edge definition of this vibration, read on…

“To understand the word Responsibility is very significant. You have to break it in two: response and ability. You can act in two ways- one is Reaction, another is Response. Reaction comes out of your past conditioning’s; it is mechanical. Response comes out of your presence, awareness, consciousness; it is non-mechanical. And the ability to respond is one of the greatest principles of growth. You are not following any order, any commandment; you are simply following your Awareness. You are functioning like a mirror, reflecting the situation and responding to it- not out of your memory, from past experiences of similar situations, not repeating your reactions, but acting fresh, new, in this very moment. Neither is the situation old, nor is your response, both are new.”

WOW! Now here this Creator… From this moment forward, I am a First Responder to what is happening around me. I am shifting from the mechanical to the organic. I am flowing clarity, freedom, and love in this moment, as I exhibit to myself, and to others who are in the vicinity, that I am experiencing this life as I originally intended, as a God in Human form. Color me delighted. Over and Out…~*

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