Awakening To My Creative Fire…~*

woman with sword

…Source, my muse, awakens me as the sun crests the hill. The day beckons, my heart yearns, creativity is crackling with the bird’s first song. I feel the depth of my vortex of treasures swirling around me, yearning to be brought forth. I rise to the call…

I am Witch, Alchemist, Mighty Smith conjuring from the ether the timeless elements of nature. I capture that which cannot be tamed, and thrust them deep into the fires of earth, forging over the eternal flame. I beat the metals, sparks fly, worlds are born as I fold them into each other; heating, folding, beating, over and over again, the shape and strength of my blade slowly revealed. I murmur the words of The Gods, imbuing my sword with the deep magic of the ages.

I know in this moment why I chose to be born… To Create with endless passion and joy. To unearth and unleash the pure potentiality of what it means to be a fully realized human. To conjure up the elements, to shape them in my unique fashion, to reap the joy of being Creator.

And what is it I say to The Universe as I stand atop Mount Olympus, sword held high? Oh, Dear Divine Gods do tell… How does it get any better than this? I am waiting…~*

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