Replacing The “Broke” Mentality with The Law Of Easy In, Easy Out. Cha Ching Creator…~*

A Broke Mentality

Greetings Creator: The video I am sharing here on “the broke mentality,” by Lewis Winfield, is so freaking funny and spot the heck on that, I had to share! I love those, “Pow, right in the kisser” type of talks, either by Abe, or a human who gets it, which in this case is Lewis.

I have heard Abraham say, that in order to turn around the poverty mentality, you must: 1. Appreciate what you do have, no matter how seemingly small. And,

2. Start spending money, even if it’s on little things. Get the momentum rolling of: Easy In, Easy out, Easy In, Easy Out!

I remember when I was swimming in a “less than” mentality about money and kept dreaming of a German paring knife. Haha, right? Anyway, when I was in my kitchen and reached for a knife, I would think, “I wish I had that knife, it would be perfect to cut this _______!”

I don’t remember how long this went on, until, one fine morning, I awoke and said to myself, “What the fuck Constance? Why are you denying yourself anything and a bloody paring knife? Gods.”

So I grabbed the kid, threw her in her car seat, and off we went to the fancy cooking store, where some months back, I had seen said knife. I vividly recollect standing at the check out counter, so damn proud of myself, as I paid the $67.50 for my knife.

That day, that purchase, that inspired action, broke the spell of lack in my life. And for days, weeks, months after, when I would grab my perfect, little knife to embark on slicing into something, I would recall and appreciate Me breaking the strangle hold of this negative mental habit.

So My Homies of all things good and sweet, if your denying yourself something, figure out a way to change it up. Freedom from self-imposed limitations is lurking just below the surface, around every corner, right in front of your nose. And all you have to do to bring Personal Manumission into your life, is change up your thoughts!! That’s it, and in this case, reach in your wallet and set yourself free!!

Now go and have yourself a listen to Lewis. He’s speaking from his heart on the scarcity mentality, and it’s funny as all get out! (you need a Facebook Account to view the video).

Wishing you a day, a week, a lifetime of Knowing that yes indeed, money certainly can and will grow on trees. If you think it’s so, that is…~*

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